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The Use Magnetic Eyelashes

The Use Magnetic Eyelashes

Firstly : Do not stained eye shadow, mascara on false eyelashes: Magnetic Eyelashes Eye shadow before wearing mink eyelashes, it will avoid the eye shadow powder stained mink eyelashes,avoid to dirty, and can not be cleared, it will  affect the next use. Do not brush mascara on the avoid eyelashes, it can not be cleared, or avoid eyelashes once destroyed. That if the true and avoid eyelashes can not be integrated how to do, you can use electric eyelash curler to your own real eyelashes, so you can make true and avoid eyelashes together.

Second Remove avoid eyelashes correctly Magnetic Eyelashes

Many people directly removed mink eyelashes, it is very bad.A, it will pull the eyelids, it make eyelids long-term relaxation . B, if it is not very good paste, so that true and mink eyelashes stick together, it will rip off their own real eyelashes. C, it will make  the mink  eyelash tear easily, reducing the times of repeated use, or a waste.

Third, the correct method of removing mink eyelashes

Use a cotton swab to dip the amount of eye makeup remover, and then gently rub on the  root position mink eyelash, technique must be soft, when removing mink eyelash, not too hard. After a period of time, the mink eyelashes will automatically fall off.

The correct removal of mink eyelashes is also the premise that mink eyelashes can be reused, and the beauty of the beautiful eyebrows can improve the awareness of this aspect.

7 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid This Season Magnetic Eyelash

The grooming mistakes made by men make women cringe. Similarly, men also turn off when they see bad makeup and style done my women. Winter holidays are around the corner and you must be making plans for parties, so why not learn some beauty tips and avoid some mistakes that will help you to look gorgeous for your partner?

Let’s take a look at some of the most beauty and makeup mistakes women should avoid.

  1. Overload of Fragrance/Aroma

Women love to wear different types of fragrances, and believe me – a man loves a woman with good aroma. But, try not to wear too much of scent as it might even turnoff the mood of your man. If you share everything with your boyfriend then simply ask him what type of fragrance he likes on you and at what amount Magnetic Eyelash.

  1. Built Up On Base

Putting on layers of foundations, lotion, moisturizer and concealer all over your face will look only weird. Stay with a light foundation, expel any visible cosmetics with a moist wipe, and use concealer simply over flaws or redness. Don’t worry, your man will love you with this new look of yours Magnetic Eyelash.

  1. Extreme Makeup On Eyelashes

If inadequately done, the beautiful impact can transform into an uglier impact. We’re discussing about clumpy, flaky, and generally Metal & Rock style. A couple of false eyelashes connected to the external corners make your eyes look wide, hot and sexy, without making you look weird, lost or a member of any Gothic club Magnetic Eyelashes.

  1. Yellow-Tinged Teeth

Who wishes to kiss somebody who has yellow or grey teeth? The answer is – No one! For a splendid, white, solid looking grin, utilize good and reliable instant whitening toothpaste. Just like its name, it works-quickly.

  1. Sticky Lip Gloss

While shopping, you’ll find that there are lip glosses that offer a gorgeous sheen and moisturize the skin, and then there are those lip glosses that are so sticky they could be used as glue. Make sure your lips look kissable while you’re on a date with your special someone. A quality lip gloss should go on for quite a long time and is far from being sticky Magnetic Eyelashes.

  1. A Bad Shave

We all have hair on different parts of our body like hands, legs and bikini area. Remember, men are usually turned-off by a hairy body. Many women use shaving creams and sticks to get rid of unwanted hair on their body. Shaving is not fully effective and only a temporary solution. However, can prove to be a game changer as this treatment can offer permanent solution for undesired hair on your body.

  1. Dry Skin Magnetic Eyelashes

There might be nothing less attractive than dry legs, ugly elbows, and dried out body. Get rid of sweaty, sticky skin by applying on body cream or lotion, right after the moment you come out of the shower. We promise that with super silky skin, your partner will find it really difficult to keep his hands off you.

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