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Johnson Lashes Company was established in may 2006 in Qingdao, China with manufacturing beauty false eyelashes. More than 800 staffs in the Cartire Lashes Company, the annual production capacity of 30 million pairs false eyelashes, is the top export factories among false eyelashes. We’ve got a fantastic selection of false eyelashes on offer, from some of the very biggest brands in the business Factory Mink Lashes.

We’re your one stop shop from design, manufacture, homeland wholesale or export to personal requirement or oversea wholesale for false eyelashes , you can order one to 10 thousand pairs of false eyelashes. If you want the best discounts when you buy false eyelashes on http://www.johnsonlashes.com , So what are you waiting for? Browse fantastic false lashes right away and place your order now Factory Mink Lashes!

  • 100% Hand-made 
  •  Natural-looking, Lightweight and Comfortable
  •  Easy to apply and remove, Reusable
  • 100% Brand new Factory Mink Lashes

You’ll get false eyelashes that offer a soft feathery feel, and a natural looking shine! Other lashes can feel heavy on the eyelid, but Mink Lashes are super lightweight and offers a natural look. Our 100% natural mink false eyelashes is free from any chemical processing or dyes. Our 3D Mink Lashes is collected from free-range zoos and recycled during the shedding seasons, it’s then sterilized to ensure it is completely safe for use.Our outstanding quality and service carry a very good reputation all over the world, although quality is our main concern, and we know that competitive price is also very important. Best quality, economical price and customer service are our official principles.

My lashes get so long they touch my glasses (which is kind of weird, but so cool!)3D Faux Mink Lashes lashes, ravaged by years of extensions and false lashes, grew back, longer and stronger than her natural lashes ever were.Our lashes now curl all on their own, naturally – it literally just takes one coat of any mascara and we’re ready to go. lashes improve your appearance – noticeably! Just wait until the compliments start pouring in, you’ll see what I mean Factory Mink Lashes!

Wholesale 3D Faux Mink Lashes with most luxury customized box, you can find service OEM/ ODM, Private Label for factory mink lashes with your business Logo, Custom Packaging Private label own brand eyelashes box is accepted. We are top quality China 3d mink lashes manufacturer. Shop your love lashes.grew her long, lush, Factory Mink Lashes gorgeous lashes using. Wondering, To read her full review with photos, click here.

Hot selling Fashionable premium individuals mink eyelash with private packaging manufacturers.100% pure mink fur mink eyelash Hypo-allerganic,sterilized,no chemicals,no dyes,handcrafted . Factory Mink Lashes We can fast delivery and we can give you a big discount if you orde our mink eyelash.

Maybe you have an upcoming wedding where you are the maid of honor and you want every part of your body looking gorgeous. Other people struggle with thin lashes and like to add extensions so their eyes look fuller and thicker. There is something about lush lashes and how they draw out a person’s eyes from their face. That is why different salons and spas include this as a part of their repertoire. silk lashes You get the feeling of being a celebrity, even if are getting your eyelash extensions Factory Mink Lashes. whatsapp:+8615064855519