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How To Choose Custom Packaging Box

How To Choose Custom Packaging Box

Many customers will have a lot of questions about the eyelash packaging box, they will worry, will spend a lot of money to buy their favorite products, they will worry that their budget is very low to buy the box they want to buy, they will worry that the box does not fit their eyelashes… Dear, as a professional wholesale eyelash eyelash supplier and packaging,Johnson eyelash is very clear, you do not need to worry about these questions, we can help you answer.

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1.What if you want to customize the logo with a small budget

Don’t worry, honey. We can provide you with the cheapest and best quality packing. This is a round acrylic box. The price is very high. It is very popular in our company. This way, the eyelashes in the box can be clearly seen from the outside. The lashes glinted under the glittering paper. They were very beautiful.”

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2.What is the minimum order quantity of this most popular round acrylic box?

There is no minimum order quantity for this box. You can order as many boxes as you want

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3.How long does the circular acrylic box take

Our production time is 3-5 working days, after the completion of production and delivery, our company USES professional express, the transportation time is generally 3-5 working days you can receive them

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  1. Hi I like the look of your Medusa boxes and would love them for my new lash rebranding

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