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How To Develop Your Eyelash Business In The Current Epidemic

How To Develop Your Eyelash Business In The Current Epidemic

According to the World Health Organization, express parcels are generally less likely to be contaminated with New Coronavirus during transport, and there have been no reports of new Coronavirus pneumonia due to express delivery. The WHO also said via Twitter that the package is safe because the virus cannot survive for a long time on the surface of the object.So there is no need to worry about whether the virus is transmitted by parcels. The world health organization has an answer

It’s a good time to buy eyelashes. Many customers don’t buy eyelashes now. When everyone needs to wear eyelashes when the epidemic is over, whoever has them can quickly occupy the market of eyelashes. When your customers come to buy eyelashes, you don’t have any inventory. They will definitely find other suppliers, so it’s very necessary to purchase eyelashes in advance

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2.The official website of the World Health Organization has stated that pneumonia virus is transmitted only through a very limited number of live animals and humans, so the eyelashes and packaging have no possibility of virus infection, and can be purchased and sold with confidence

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