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Mink Eyelashes

How To Make Your Eyes Appear Larger With Mink Eyelashes

The desire of having Mink Eyelashes is usually the main reason why people love to use mink lashes. However, there are many other amazing reasons why one should try false lashes. One of them is because it can magically make your eyes look bigger than it really is!

Mink Eyelashes from Youtube shares a few tips and tricks on how she expertly maneuvered one of her favorite lash style ( in Unforgettable) to create an illusion of larger looking eyes. This small change was able to dramatically change the way her eyes look (see below of the before and after shot).Here are the simple tips and steps on how to achieve larger looking eyes with mink lashes.

While loving beauty, we should pay attention to the harm brought by the beauty of appearance to our health. In order to reduce the harm caused by love and beauty, we should pay attention to the silk eyelashes to bring pain. First of all, we have to recognize the most common mistakes we make during the use of fake eyelashes.

One, worry about using too many money, as far as possible to prolong the life of fake eyelashes Mink Eyelashes or to buy very cheap false eyelashes;

Two, some people directly apply the glue on the eyelids. Some people want to 3d mink lashes factory thicker. One sticky is two or three layers. They stick for a long time, and are stimulated by glue for a long time, and the pulling when they are removed. They are prone to allergic contact dermatitis, and their eyes are red and swollen Mink Eyelashes.

Three. Use oily skin care products or wash your face Mink Eyelashes after 24 hours (only water is not! ). On the other hand, when you want to remove the fake eyelashes, use makeup oil or olive oil on the root of the eyelashes can be easily removed.

Four, wait until the glue is dry. Most of the glue is white in the beginning, but it’s transparent when it’s dry, so don’t worry about the white residue.

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Five, worry about the glue dry so after squeezing out, immediately touch. We suggest that the faux mink lashes factory glitter box glitter box be covered with glue for 5 seconds and wait for the lash root when the glue is half dry. The time is just dry, firmly attached fake eyelashes to the root of the eyelashes. If the glue is very wet, it is put on the root of the eyelash. There is no effective glue that can not play a reinforcing role, and the tweezers loose, fake eyelashes will fall off Mink Eyelashes.

Six, the use of faux mink lashes factory glitter box glitter box before the eye is not thoroughly cleaned, if oil around the eye, it will affect the durability of the glue.It is amazing how much mink lashes factory can do to our looks. Another favorite lash style to create similar effect would be “Johnlashes“.For the detailed video on how to do this, check out Christine’s step-by-step tutorial here.

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